Automated Remote
Sensing Analytics
From Earth Observation
Satellite Data (EOS)

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Analytical solutions to assist agriculture for 2021 commercial release

Crop Insurance Loss Adjusting Software-as-a-Service

  • documentation
  • enhanced efficiency
  • fraud and snagged claims eliminated

Precision Agriculture Analytics

  • at-a-glance comparison of crop growth
  • forecasted crop stages

Atmospheric Correction Algorithms

  • software to correct EOS data to at-ground reflectance for nadir or off-nadir viewing
  • permits users to follow crops through the season

Automated cloud-removal algorithms

  • software that accurately removes all clouds and cloud-shadows

ARSI’s software development follows the four Rs and four As

Remote Sensing R’s

Rational – well thought out and tested
Raster-based – cover immense areas
Reproducible – always get the same answer
Robust – always get the right answer

Agriculture Software A’s

Agronomic – based on functional relationships
Actionable – treatments for economic return
Automated – large area/client volume
Affordable – production costs spread over large client volume